Every man needs to know how to talk about this

Every man needs to know how to talk about this

What do you say to a man dealing with porn?

The Bible says, “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.” Prov 17:17

But – now you’re sitting at lunch with a friend or colleague and he says, "Yeah, I'm dealing with porn." 

What do you say next? 
“I’ll pray for you.” Is that it? Really? 
Gee, thanks.

Equipping men to be a brother that cares and helps – one that is there in adversity, is what CMN has done for over 50 years. The reality is that most men won’t tell you they have a problem ... but you sense that something isn’t right.

He’s not showing up like he used to, he’s not thinking right, the jokes have become a bit coarse, you can tell his marriage isn’t working right – and he’s distant as a friend or colleague. 

Porn is a ubiquitous part of life in our world today. And it’s a killer of relationships, marriages, dreams and destinies – and that’s the point. Porn is a trap – an evil offramp from a man’s desire to be successful in every part of his life.

At Lions Roar 2022 we will equip you in one of the most powerful and intense sessions we have every presented. Two of the world’s leading authorities on recovery from porn will share their own stories and tools for us to help others. And to help ourselves.

James Craft and Blaine Bartel were two of the nation’s leading ministers when porn derailed their lives. James had built a solid reputation and as a young man was already pastoring one of the largest churches in the nation, Blaine had built a global ministry to youth and was planting a strong church in Dallas. 

Hear their remarkable stories. Meet them. Be in the room with them. 
Sit at a table with them and learn to be free and set other men free!

Lions Roar 2022. 

Because it matters.

Register today

And, there's more.

Lions Roar is held in a remarkable venue in Dallas with tremendous amenities – and we added one more meal – we added more coffee – we added over $100 of free digital tools – we added more breakout equipping sessions – we added more time to connect with new friends. In just 72 hours, your life will change.

Come find me as soon as you get there. I want to shake your hand for making the decision to join the brotherhood. It's going to be tremendous -- but it won't be the same without you.