Elijah's temptation to quit / MNM

Elijah's temptation to quit / MNM
The same temptations to quit that happened to Elijah are the same for every man.

Elijah had just finished a huge battle. He won. He had victory - but he was tired ... and alone. Then the culture wanted to cancel him. 

In 1 Kings 18 we find Elijah wiped out tired, sitting under a tree, running from a queen who wanted to kill him. He had just killed over 400 of her pagan priests, had called fire from heaven, had raised a boy from the dead, had prayed and it didn't rain - and prayed again and it rained three and a half years later. 

This man was a warrior, but he was tired. Here's the five temptations that happen to all of us;

Depression, despair, inferiority, resignation, failure. A spirit of negativity had captured his thoughts. Then, God encouraged him. "Elijah, I'm here", God said. Then God told him this - "Elijah, there are 7,000 other men who are your brothers and are following me with the same passion. You're not alone". 

What Elijah needed to hear was that God affirmed him and that other men were with him. That's why we do the Global Summit in November - to be with men fighting the same fights, to encourage our hearts, to rise up with courage. That's why we do Monday Night Men and the BraveMen podcast ... to stir up courage in our hearts!

Paul later told his young student Timothy, "God did not give you a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power and love and strong wisdom". That's the presence of God in your life.

YouTube 8pm Central and staying on that site all week is the third session of Real Man. This is one you need.

Rise up from the temptation trap of Elijah - you're not alone. You have brothers. And God has placed in your heart the fulness of His presence and power.

Join us tonight or this week for Monday Night Men (type that in your
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Rise up. Walk with the Lord, be filled with courage.