Donation In Crisis

Donation In Crisis
Five months ago with a packed crowd of men at our Global Summit in Dallas, we said:
“The world doesn’t need a few nice guys in church. The world needs STALWART MEN.
 Men with a sword. The world doesn’t need us huddled in a flaccid “men’s fellowship” but gathered as brothers in a muscular men’s movement! 
Tenacious, tough, daring, gutsy men of action … Stalwart Men!”

Who knew that within a few months we would find ourselves living in a world gripped by fear and intimidated by the enemy day and night … as if a Goliath virus is standing in front of us cursing us with death day after day, unceasing in his declaration of hopelessness.  

We’ve never had more pervasive global uncertainty and fear in our lifetime. A lot of men are going through a dark time right. Fear, anger, rage, trauma, death and an unsettled cloud of negativity.

In the midst of this crisis, we are pressing forward with great intensity because the stakes have never been higher, the need greater and our resolve stronger. 

We are men on a mission. And that mission is Jesus. Men need this word. Every day we receive emails and texts that tell us how much this has meant in their lives. 

CMN has charged into the fight with the most robust online initiatives in our history. Below I've made a list of the new and powerful online initiatives that are now reaching men and families 24 hours a day around the world.
In just the past two weeks, over 30,000 people have connected to our messages of strength, biblical masculinity and hope.
We’re not backing off!
Here’s the rub:
  • One month ago, 100% of our event income immediately disappeared.
  • Our total income dropped by more than 50%
  • We’ve cut everywhere we can.
  • We don't have stimulus money, but we have friends.
We are people of faith who fully trust in the Lord as our source. But God uses people. So I’m writing to our friends.

We have a reason to fight. the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a beacon of faith, hope, and courage! This is the time that courage compels us to fight for the hearts of men.

Will you stand with us and the CMN team in a spirit of generosity for the sake of hurting men, children, women, and families? Will you give an offering today?

We don’t know the future or what the days ahead of us will hold … but we trust Jesus. And we believe what Jesus said – that His kingdom would be established, that He will build the church, that He is victorious over the enemy and death. 

We know who the victorious ones will be – those men who follow Jesus. Stalwart Men.

Thank you for your continued faithful friendship. May the Lord bless you and keep you in the center of His favor.