Do you feel like you’re living at 50%

Do you feel like you’re living at 50%

Here's one more reason you need to join with other men tonight for Monday Night Men: It will help you in business, and help you achieve your dreams.

John and I spoke three weeks ago. He told me how he went through a difficult divorce that flattened him. He was trying to find an anchor for his life and found Monday Night Men. He listened, studied, got into the Word. The brotherhood of Monday Night Men rewired him to work in his business. A huge success now in his field, John told me, "The reason I'm doing this today is because of you."

Brother - I'm telling you right now - it's because of YOU. We're in this together. 

GET THE ENTIRE download on Monday Night Men. Youtube or Facebook. 9pm Eastern / 6pm Pacific.

And access all of the past sessions available on YouTube ChristianMensNetwork / Monday Night Men.

We are enlarging the fight and quickly approaching our LIVE two-day telecast to Vietnam. The largest church movements in the nation have asked us to teach their pastors, equip their leaders, and empower a new men’s movement in the nation.

Our brothers in Vietnam need us right now. On every hand, they are facing huge obstacles and tremendous challenges. 

Please pray about your part in supporting this event.

Imagine what that will look like to see a powerful men’s movement launch across the nation of Vietnam – that will be amazing. Good things happen when we’re brothers when we’re strong.

Suport Vietnam

A young husband told me his story last week. He had married his high school sweetheart, but through his own errors, divorced her two years later. Two years later, he submitted to God and remarried her, but found it was extremely difficult to get back into a loving relationship with her. One day as he struggled, he found the "Brave Men Podcast." He said just listening to it filled his life with hope, with wisdom, and he started seeing the practical application of the Bible. He said, "that podcast saved my life."

A few minutes later, his wife walked up and said, "You're the podcast guy?" She got misty-eyed and said, "I just want to say thank you. This really helped our lives, helped our marriage."

All of life is based on principles and follows patterns. Patterns are ways in which the universe operates. You will begin to prosper when you base your life on sound principles and establish proper patterns that lead to success. Discover the principles and patterns in Ed Cole’s classic Treasure.