Do NOT do this on Valentine's day

Do NOT do this on Valentine's day
The original St. Valentinus was martyred for his faith in Christ somewhere around 275AD. A British novelist a thousand years later said it was around the same time of year as the birds began mating and making nests in the Spring. Then the power of marketing and branding took over and chocolate makers and florists made it into Valentine’s Day. Sure, it’s an ancient ritual, but it’s not going away, so…..

Brother – if you’re married or dating a woman – do something. Almost anything is better than nothing. But that annoying little bear with a heart balloon they sell for $7 at the counter of your local convenience store…? That would be a mistake, trust me.

But what of St. Valentinus? A man who stood for righteousness – a man for whom the love of God was worth more than his love of life itself. 

The Word teaches us that true love is being willing to lay down our lives for another. Love is the desire to care for others, even at your own expense. That’s why leading men to faith in Christ is the highest calling on our lives. Nothing is more powerful than love and nothing is more rewarding than seeing a man move from a hell to a heaven through the power of the cross.

Love is the light that draws us to the Father, because God is love.
We’re made in God’s image, born again in Christ, Christlike men. So, look at your brothers, the men around you. This weekend of Valentine might just be the toughest day of a friend’s life – the day he will face things alone, perhaps for the first time. For that man who has been single too long – it’s not an easy time. Include him … hit him with a note, a call – be his brother.

We are our brothers’ keeper. This is what we do, because this is who we are.

And for those who are married or dating … make it about love and giving and serving and honoring the one you love. Be present for them. Be bold in selflessness. 

In this adventure of manhood, let’s be the man who loves others with the love of God. 

No one will remember your chocolate – but they will remember your love.