Did you know about next Tuesday?

Did you know about next Tuesday?
The strength of CMN is the agreement and brotherhood of leaders and groups on the ground around the world. We do not believe in drop-a-flyer-and-walk-away projects. Dangerous Nations is a long-term solution to reach the lost, reverse the downward spiral of nations, and establish the ongoing presence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Imagine dozens of pastors and leaders in secret places meeting with top CMN teachers who have discipled hundreds of thousands of men. Imagine hundreds of pastors discipled in reaching the men of their nation.

We are in a fight. A battle for the supremacy of truth and light over darkness and confusion.

Tremendous persecution is happening on every continent. But there are some that are more physically and morally dangerous than others. Those most dangerous nations can be entered by purposeful and sophisticated digital missions. We intend to do that with powerful effectiveness.

We have the means and we have a plan. 

On December 1st - Giving Tuesday, we’ll be announcing the first nation we'll be entering and how you can get involved.

Let’s do this together.