Defeat the Distraction and Finish Well

This makes so much sense but here’s the reality. This is not just for the other guy. It’s for us.

J. Robert Clinton made a landmark study years ago and conducted a follow-up study 25 years later with his book The Making of a Leader.  

In the original study, researchers were surprised in looking at the lives of over 300 Christian leaders that only 30% of them finished strong. Many tipped over or finished with a whimper—or worse, didn’t finish at all. What surprised them in the follow-up study conducted with over 1300 leaders—the 30% stat held true.

So, what makes us think it’s always the other guy?

One of the key issues the researchers identified as a core problem was the distractions of life. Getting busy with being busy and neglecting the walk of a disciple.

Distraction is the devil’s hammer. Just a slight turn of the head at the wrong moment can bring ruin.

Yesterday, I read a report of a fatal plane crash in Colorado. The pilot was taking a “selfie,” and the flash from the photo of him and his friend…just an instant—ended when their plane went into a stall, crashed, and killed them both. One moment that seemed so inconsequential.

Distraction leads to dislocation, disappointment, disconnection, detours, and death.

A small moment of distraction led to King David killing his best friend, adultery, a dead baby, and a broken kingdom.

Defeat distraction by recognizing what’s fruitful and what’s not.

Stay connected. Be honest. Surrender your heart to the Holy Spirit.

Be part of the 30%.

The CMN brotherhood is here to support you, pray for you, and walk alongside you we can all finish strong.