Defeat the accusation of failure, here’s how

Defeat the accusation of failure, here’s how
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In this month's FREE teaching, Mark Chironna teaches us that we are "commissioned to set captives free." From the life of Moses, he points out that Moses is all alone, and often it is in the most isolated places that God calls us to get our attention.
While Moses feels like an utter failure, that he's missed his calling, God connects with him with another message: You have a commission to fulfill.
Mark underscores the fact that God brings us all through our own process to take us where he wants us to be. Until our mindset is changed by God arresting us, we see the world through our own perspective. Our perspective becomes projection, and our projection becomes our reality.
But God. Just as knights are tapped with a sword to receive their knighthood, which is a symbol of beheading, so also do we bow before our King in order to subject our heads, our minds, our thoughts, to his. 
It's great, isn't it? But that's not the best part. The best part is that God gives us our own sword, the Sword of the Spirit, in order to turn our chaos into his order. 
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