Change Now - Pain Before The Pain

Many years ago at a Lions Roar event, Pastor Joel Brooks said a phrase that has become a phrase I use often … and one that I remind myself of daily.

“Men don’t change until the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing.”

The wise man institutes change prior to the pain. Not to say change doesn’t have its own inherent pain … the principle is that you’ll only grow to the level for which you are willing to endure the pain.

Prescriptive wisdom is to work on your physical health before a preventable issue puts you in the hospital. Doing the things that make your marriage stronger before it’s on the rocks. Learning business skills from a coach or school so you grow larger as your company grows.

It’s foolish to push things ahead until the pain makes you change. You then have the pain of the consequences and the pain of the repairs. And, the cost is usually greater.

What area needs help today? Your career, fatherhood, heart, mental health?

Starting is always hard. But do it anyway.

Start the work now. Don’t push it down the road until it becomes a monumental task of repair … or becomes irreparable.