Celebrating the legacy of Rob Carman

Celebrating the legacy of Rob Carman

A powerful warrior for Jesus Christ has laid down his shield, and great is his reward. Our brother, friend and ally Dr. Rob Carman has gone to be with the Lord. Rob was a robust, loud, exuberant, engaging, fun, powerful, anointed voice for Jesus Christ - he was irrepressible. He was a force for righteousness. It is one of my life's greatest blessings to have had this man in my life - and as our brother.

He was a man who never detoured from his mission. To see people come to Jesus and to reach the nations of the world. He was focused and fearless. How many times I heard him say, "Let's reach the nation - and make the devil mad!"

His ministry spanned over 70 nations, his teachings on YouVersion had over 200,000 completions, his 412 School of Leadership has put thousands into greater levels of ministry, his church plant in New Mexico was legendary - building a massive congregation from 7 people in a storefront on a reservation. A truly remarkable man.

Most of all Rob was my dear friend. He encouraged me to be larger/better/deeper. I'm wrecked over his leaving. He was the truest of friends ... he championed the work of CMN. Last winter we sat down numerous times and planned out the next five years of the Dangerous Nations campaign.

Whether in a coffee shop, his little office, or wherever we were talking he would say, "Paul, this is fantastic. This is huge. We're gonna reach the nations for Jesus. And, I'm taking these seven countries." as he circled some hot spots. His son Andrew later said, "Dad, these are some difficult places!" "Augghh" Rob said, "We'll figure it out. And, we'll get it done". 

How many times did we hear this great storyteller and master communicator say, "All my stories are true - or, they at least contain truth!" And how many men in the front rows of a thousand meetings got hit by Rob. I remember one interpreter in Europe showed up to the second night wearing football padding!

Ha! He lived a large life. He loved us - and we were better because of it.

He made us all better men.

Please pray for his wonderful family. As his wife Ginger said, "Nothing prepares us for this ... but we continue on with the calling of reaching people for Christ." Rob has two children and seven grandchildren. Rob loved being grandpa and he was adored by them all.

A living memorial for Rob will be set up at a remote hospital in New Guinea, a nation he loved, visited often and in which he had a tremendous impact. 

A celebration of Rob's life will take place on June 23 in Dallas at Trinity Church. I'll post more on my social media pages.

And, what do we do now? When a warrior goes down, we honor him - then take his place in the gap. We pick up our swords and continue the fight. Psalm 131 says, "Hope now, Hope always". 

In love, grace and with deep peace.