Brave Men - July

Brave Men - July
joining John Eldredge, Benjamin Watson, Dale C. Bronner, Stephen Mansfield and dozens more.
The leading Christian men of our era are on the Brave Men podcasts.

We become courageous by hanging around courageous men.

Brave Men podcast is designed to build in you and me a new bravery - a boldness to stand against the enemy - and WIN. Wisdom, understanding, knowledge, anointing and courage.

Demario Davis stands strong in his faith in Christ - in the middle of the NFL. One of the top players in the league, he doesn't back down from contact - on the field in the culture. This is one of the most inspiring interviews you will ever hear.

David Barton uncovers amazing depth to the faith of the founding fathers ... he is the leading historian on America's founding in the entire nation. This is a remarkable message.

Jim Garlow pushes back on the moral ambiguity and anarchy of our day with such clarity you will be filled with understanding, wisdom and courage.

How many times have you heard the term “the new normal” used over the past several months? It’s usually said with a tone of defeat and surrender because “it is what it is.” What are you going to do, right? OUR NEW NORMAL IS THE UNCHANGING WORD OF GOD!

Here's Jim Garlow's podcast. LISTEN NOW.

Here's David Barton. LISTEN NOW.

Here's Demario Davis. LISTEN NOW.

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