Avoid sand traps in 2022

Avoid sand traps in 2022
The great golf instructor Harvey Penick was asked by one of his students, “Help me to get out of the sandtraps.” 

Harvey replied, “I’ll eventually teach you that. But first, I’ll teach you how to stay out of the sandtraps.”

Life is full of traps. Some we see and still walk into them, others are unseen and we’re surprised when we’re captured by them. Regardless of whether we are caught or not, they are all around us every day.

The first trap right now is making New Year’s resolutions instead of starting new habits.

Habits are the fuel of your day. And a habit is formed by repetition. Make the decision that you won’t take any more of your excuses. Make that decision in the strongest part of your day. 

No more excuses.

You are a master negotiator. You’ve become that by negotiating with yourself.

I find myself doing it all the time. I get up with a lot to accomplish, a huge ‘to do’ list, urgencies, or maybe I’m just plain too tired...

...so my negotiating sets in. And I'm good at it - with great persuasion ... "too much is happening", "people need me right now", "I'll get to it later this afternoon", "I've read it all before". And on it goes. So many good "reasons".


But, when you were strong, you've already made the decision. You've decided against all your lame excuses and - created a habit.

Now, we're not submitting to lame excuses. We're living in the strength of a powerful habit!

Moving closer to God will keep you out of the sandtraps of life. Having Godly wisdom and resolve will keep you from falling into the traps of self negotiation and self-justification.

This is something I just do. It is a habit, not just another resolution. It is part of my daily regimen and ritual. And, it has strengthened my life.

Wake up, decide against yourself, and just do it.

Start a solid habit of Bible reading in 2022. God's Word is the pathway to a courageous and brave life.

His strength will sustain you and rescue you from the traps – but not falling into them in the first place is wiser.

Let’s live 2022 with passion.
I’ll be praying for you.