Attack On The Family

How do we fight the attack on the family? Because it is an attack. And it isn’t new.

Since the day Adam and Eve were deceived, there has been a blistering attack on the family.

And the center target of the attack is the father.

The war on men and manhood is ominous and dangerous. It is fully focused on destroying families, abusing children, and killing off legacy.

The tragic consequences of fatherlessness have never been more clear. Fatherless children are:

  • 8 times more likely to go to prison

  • 10 times more likely to be drug addicts

  • 5 times more likely to commit suicide

Fatherlessness is the leading indicator of poverty across the nation and in every culture of the world.

Paul described the depth of his love for the church in Corinth:

“For though you might have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet you do not have many fathers; for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel.”

The key takeaway of Paul’s statement is this:

An instructor give you what he knows. A father gives you who he is.

An instructor gives you his knowledge. A father gives you his heart.

The discipling of men that you and I are engaged in is not just a mentoring program.

It is a strategic battle plan to defeat the enemy, save the family, and rescue the next generation.

When fathers are discipled, transformation results, children are saved, families are restored.

It’s Father’s Day. And together we’re reaching fathers for Christ. That’s the fight we commit to afresh on this Father’s Day 2024.

We either raise up fathers or build more orphanages.

Because every child deserves a loving dad.

May the Lord bless you on this Father’s Day.

May you sense the love and affirmation of your heavenly Father.

And may you in turn love your children and the children around you as Paul did – as a father.