Argentina men on fire for Jesus!

1300 men packed into a standing-room-only theatre in Central Argentina to declare Jesus over their country! It was alive, electric, loud with singing, shouts, praising God, and powerful times of prayer. And, it’s a similar men's event to what is happening across the nation.

Read one pastor's story below. This is why we do what we do! And this is how we do it:
  • A multinational CMN team sparked the desire in a few pastors ten years ago. 
  • More CMN men stoked the flame as the pastors caught fire 
  • Now a national movement of thousands of Christian men is consuming the nation.

Over 3,000 churches have experienced huge momentum. Pastors use CMN's Hombria al Maximo (Maximized Manhood) curriculum to disciple men in Christ, and they disciple more men. Churches grow. Families rescued. Relationships healed. The hope that is Christ Jesus fires up a nation.

Pastor Ramon Roche started CMN curriculum in his church, and...
TODAY: 463 men

Pastor Ramon now pastors one of the most significant churches in Buenos Aires. He told me he'd had a great desire to disciple men and grow a church with strong men … but until he had the tools, it didn't work. 

Ramon led the first groups for a couple of years, then saw what every pastor can see: Leaders rose up to carry the load.

He followed the CMN model – and it worked....

Because it works! In every nation, every church, every man.

The CMN system transformed his church … from 8 to 463 men in just 4 years. AND those are the men who helped sustain his church during the two-year Covid lockdown!

Today Ramon's congregation is building a new property in an influential area and reaching their community for Christ!

This is what discipleship does - this is what Majoring In Men does - this is why we preach Jesus, practice discipleship, and prove his love by reaching our city with discipled men caring for the community with food, clothing, job training, and a Christian foundation to life … THIS IS HOW WE BRING HOPE TO THE WORLD!

Maximized Manhood and the Majoring in Men curriculum …it works.

Pastor Ramon said, “We’re not booksellers - we are life-changing pastors. Some day we will fill the soccer stadiums with men in Argentina!!”

Your prayer, financial support, and encouragement - it all matters. As leaders learn to disciple Jesus is being lifted up around the world!!