Are You On the Good List This Christmas?

Are You On the Good List This Christmas?
“He IS real!” “No, he’s NOT.” We’ve probably all heard children arguing about Santa. For some kids, learning the truth is a shock. And yet it is adults, not children, who fall for the biggest fable at Christmas. Learning the truth can be our biggest shock.
Many of us live as if it’s God, not Santa, who keeps a list of who’s been naughty or nice. We fall for the lie that God keeps track of our every mistake or failure. We think he rewards those who have been good and punishes those who haven’t.
But the real story of Christmas—the GOOD NEWS—is that because of Jesus, you’re not on either list. You’re on a different list completely—the “redeemed” list.
The story of Jesus coming to earth starts with every one of our names written on the bad list. That list gained us separation from God. But because Christ Jesus came, all who believe on him are placed on the most favored, righteous and redeemed list. The Bible says our names are written inside the “You Are Welcome” book in heaven.
No, Santa Claus isn’t real. And most of our fears, anxieties, and concerns about God are also not real. We develop beliefs that are unfounded and based on a lie of the enemy. Satan can’t stand the “redeemed” list. He constantly tells you that every time you fail, you’re put back on the bad list. That’s a lie.
Christmas is about giving and the joy of being generous. Seen in that bent, the Santa Claus story is a picture of our Father. God finds great joy in giving good gifts. Because of Christmas, Christ has taken you off the “bad list” for eternity. Don’t put yourself back on it! Don’t live as if God is watching and condemning and keeping a list. He’s not.
As a follower of Jesus Christ, your sins have been washed away. When the veil of the temple was torn when Jesus died for our sins, the bad list was torn up. Live in the confidence that there’s no list.
Santa Claus isn’t real—but the enemy is. And he’s a liar. Your name isn’t written on a bad list—your name is written in the heart of God…and he loves you with a passion.
Live free. Love strong. No list.