Alone Or Lonely?

Being alone can be refreshing, but being lonely is always draining.

According to some studies, the average man has 1.7 friends. And I think we can all point out the .7 guy. He’s the one that doesn’t show up when you move.

The U.S. government CDC says loneliness costs the US economy an estimated $406 billion a year, in addition to the estimated $6.7 billion a year in Medicare costs for socially isolated older adults. (CDC; wellbeing/social-connectedness/loneliness.)

Barna research reports that people in a healthy community such as a church actually live longer.

The answer to the emotional and mental health crises in the world today is an authentic community of friends and loved ones. The local church is a place of healing and health.

Brotherhood … finding that community is a vaccine that won’t just protect you from illness—it will literally save your life.