After Easter And After 70

After Easter And After 70
They didn’t know it was “Easter” as we know it now. They just knew they had lived a miracle. The Messiah was dead – and then He was alive! For over a month after His crucifixion, they talked and walked with Him ... times of teaching and fellowship.

In almost every case when Jesus appeared after the resurrection there was food and fellowship involved. He made food on the shore of Galilee, He appeared to the disciples in a house and asked them if there was anything to eat, He broke bread in Emmaus, He appeared to hundreds at a feast.

He looked for those times of comradery and brotherhood around the table. 

Then he left. And they prayed together for weeks. It wasn’t easy. But they stayed with it until the Holy Spirit filled their hearts and lives. Chaos still reigned in the streets, and Rome still controlled the region.

But, it was new and it was joy-filled and explosive.

Then 70AD came and Jerusalem and the temple were destroyed. Christians and Jews alike ran for their lives.

Now what? What happens to this ragged small band of believers?

The church began to meet from house to house. The temple was destroyed but the table came to life. That powerful, anointed early church for over 200 years grew exponentially from house to house. In cities and villages believers and listeners and arguers gathered around the table of the Lord - around the table of fellowship and friendship.

Brotherhood happened around the table, not in the temple.

And, the same is true today. The most important part of your men’s meeting / small group is not the information in a book – but the incarnation of Christ in a man’s heart. We love the process because the process leads to His presence. The process of a curriculum and gathering is important – it facilitates revelation.

But the process must always lead to a person – Jesus! 

Make sure you have space at your table for Jesus. Make sure you have room in your day. A place at the table in your men’s meetups. If you have one hour – make sure you don’t teach right to the end of the hour. Make room for brotherhood. 

Start with fellowship and close with friendship. 

We will see Jesus change this chaotic world – one man at a time. We simply ask them to come and see.

From stranger to neighbor. From prodigal to son.