A Tribute to Beloved Friend, Harry Jackson

A Tribute to Beloved Friend, Harry Jackson

Last week our good friend and one of God's stalwart champions, Harry Jackson, received his eternal reward as he passed from this life. Just weeks before his life he recorded a powerful teaching for our Global Summit that took place last week. You can watch this, one of his last messages right now.

Harry Jackson was a stalwart champion for Christ. He stood strong against the progressive philosophies of the culture, spoke with the clarity of a prophet and fought for the oppressed and marginalized of the streets. He was a dear friend who came through massive battles with a heart still filled with grace and kindness. 

He joined us at the 2013 CMN Lions Roar Global Summit, where we presented him with one of the first "Ed Cole Collections." Harry admired my dad. We admired Harry.

His last text to me said, “Miss you Paul. Love you. Call you soon. HRJ.” 

I am so very stunned and grieved ... but, the world is a better place today because of a Godly man, Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr.