7 Days away - what are you waiting for?

7 Days away - what are you waiting for?
HOPE: Rise Up, Recover All
November 4-6, 2021 | Dallas
Stalwart men are gathering in one week to make the Christian Men's Network Global Summit one of the greatest gatherings you'll attend this year.

Things kick off in just seven days. NOW is the time to make the decision to join us. 

Re-frame your leadership skills.
Discover Your personal strengths.
Learn from world-class leaders.
Grow your business, ministry, and relationships with your family.


1. Register to rub shoulders with great men and speakers LIVE and IN PERSON. You'll thank yourself for going!

2. Register yourself AND ‘Bring A Friend’ for a HUGE $80 discount!
Just register yourself, then Register a friend, then check out with coupon code FRIEND50

3. Go to registration, click "online" then participate all three days INCLUDING FREE playback of any day or hour you might miss!

Global Men’s Summit begins in one week. ACT TODAY.
If you are outside the United States or know someone who is, please send them the FREE code "Nations" - when they register to view online, their online registration is FREE