3 reasons you need your brothers and they need you next week

3 reasons you need your brothers and they need you next week
A decade ago, my friend Joel Brooks asked me to go with him to a conference. I was in a difficult situation. I didn't want to go. But, at his insistence, I went. Once there, God spoke to me in a unique way.
That one investment of showing up turned into the game-changer that gave me the courage, hope, and strategy to move forward. It was a breakthrough - because I listened to my brother.
Hundreds are attending online, many paying the one small fee and watching with a group. (The in-person event is sold out.) When you join, you will find yourself enlarged, filled with courage and ready to launch into 2021 with tremendous zeal and strength. And, some men need your wisdom and encouragement. Just listen to your brother, and register today for the CMN Global Summit.
I cannot encourage you strongly enough to join us, for many reasons starting with these three.
1. STRESSED OUT? You'll connect with a strong brotherhood to regain hope and purpose. "Clarity in chaos" will be your powerful result. When you pray and worship with your brothers, your heart will fill with peace and deepen the anointing of God in your life.
2. IN TRANSITION? We are living in a highly fluid culture. Invest time with proven leaders in business and in faith. It will enlarge your own capacity, help you achieve goals, and regain your fire. And, you'll find some men around you need your wisdom, your heart, and your encouragement.
3. ALONE? Only superheroes defeat bad guys alone. The rest of us get killed.  Being alone can be a blessing, being lonely never is. Men around you need your friendship and you need them. Isolating ourselves to figure it out alone has never been a good plan. 
Elijah once thought he was all alone - but God told him there were 7,000 others following God. Why didn't Elijah know those guys? Don't make the same mistake. Gather with a tribe of stalwart, courageous men next week. 
Your brothers need you - and you need them.
It's the STRONGER Global Summit online. November 5-7, from 1p Thursday to 1p Saturday. All the information is here: CMNSummit.com
It's going to be great, but it won't be the same without you. I'll see you online.