21 men killed for their faith

21 men killed for their faith
Do you recall where you were on February 15, 2015? That’s the day terrorists sent a shocking 5-minute video of 21 men in orange jumpsuits kneeling on an unnamed beach in Libya. The video showed black-hooded ISIS militants behead the men. 

Twenty workers were Coptic Christians from Egypt and one was from Ghana, all captured for only one crime – they were, the jihadists taunted, “people of the cross, followers of the hostile Egyptian Church.”

For two months in the post-Gaddafi chaos of Libya, from December 2014 to January 2015, militants captured dozens of workers from many nations. The men were set free only if they proclaimed loyalty to the god of Islam. 

The 21 on the beach would not reject their faith in Jesus Christ. The twenty Coptic Christians from Egypt led their new friend from Ghana to faith in Christ while in prison. The terrorists offered the Ghanaian his freedom, but he wouldn’t abandon his new brothers in the faith.

Under storm clouds, against a backdrop of roughened seas, 21 men lined up to be trophies to the militant’s dogma. The 21 had a way out but wouldn’t compromise their faith.

The 21 stood for faith in Christ.

With great courage, each man knelt down on the wet and cold ocean shore. Behind each man was an assassin poised to strike with a saber. In their final moments, these young Christian men – many of them in their late teens and twenties, prayed as evil charges were declared against them.

The 21 declared to each other and to heaven, “Ya Rabbi Yassu,” “Oh my Lord Jesus,” just before sabers sliced their throats. At that moment, the 21 went from the shores of Libya to the shores of Heaven. 

Far from trophies to a militant dogma, "The 21" became trophies of grace. Heroes of faith. Men in whom courage was real.

As we pursue the intense Dangerous Nations campaign to reach men for Christ in the darkest corners of the world, we are reminded of the sacrifice of men like these. And we are mindful of how much men need our brotherhood, even as we need their stalwart hearts for Christ.

Dangerous Nations is focused on training 50,000 leaders and pastors to disciple 5,000,000 men in 50 of the toughest nations on earth. Whatever kind of anti-Christ actions the nation endures, this CMN campaign, partnering with “boots on the ground” and like-minded ministries, will build churches, rescue families, and reach young men on the streets of the nations.

Please join us tonight for 
Monday Night Men streaming live on YouTube (9 PM EST / 8 PM CST)  as we announce the first 21 nations targeted in this intense five-year project. Stay with us as we complete the story of "The 21" and tell the story of what happened when the video of the killings was shown to their families in Egypt. It’s inspiring and heart-moving.

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Please pray with us as we reach out to men who need to know Jesus – to pastors who need help discipling men – to families who need a way out of chaos – to young men who are targeted to be recruited by terrorists. 

How do we change the future? One man at a time. Don’t miss tonight.