**SPANISH LANGUAGE VERSION OF Irresistible Husband**

Every man should know what his father failed to teach him, what women couldn't tell him, and what his pastor wanted to say... but only behind closed doors.

This honest, no-nonsense book by Edwin Louis Cole provides an invaluable guide to launch a new generation of family leaders... with profound truths about sex, commitment, communication, career, child-rearing and more. Find out:

The Formula for life success
How to avoid outside forces conquering you
Turning the tide on fatherlessness
Building character step-by-step
Ten investments to maintain a GREAT marriage

How important is this book?

"You may think marriage is about money and sex instead of character and culture. Not so. The family is the microcosm of society. Save the family and you'll save the nation. But it starts with you as a man. Here's how." - Edwin Louis Cole

Esposo Irresistible

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