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Vietnam has reached a critical crossroads...

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Today, after years of persecution, Vietnam’s church leaders are hopeful. A church movement is growing. But…

They are facing a huge problem, made worse by the panedmic. The problem is, there is no background from which to build strong men. Most pastors, like so many Vietnamese men, grew up fatherless. Worse, because of the pandemic, Vietnamese men are now out of work, suffering a loss of dignity and hope.

Will you give these men your hope and strength through Christ?

Christian Men's Network is desperately needed in Vietnam to raise up men, fathers, pastors, and leaders. The largest church movements in Vietnam have asked CMN to come alongside and help disciple pastors and leaders who can disciple the men.

In a historic online telecast, on September 14, 15, 16 we sent the message “NEVER QUIT” across Vietnam to churches full of men, denominational headquarters, individuals and men’s groups.

Please partner with us to translate books that equip pastors and leaders to raise up a new generation of Vietnamese men. Help us deliver this online discipleship training by equipping the CMN studio in this historic broadcast to the men of Vietnam.

Need: $25,000

Will you be one of these men? We need…

500 men to give $50

100 men to give $250

50 men to give $500


25 men to give $1000

Which one are you? Please choose your level and give TODAY.

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